Women of Wisdom -- Empowering the Dreams and Spirit of Women

Women of Wisdom:
Empowering the Dreams and Spirit of Women

by Kris Steinnes

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Women of Wisdom Foundation has inspired women to make powerful changes in their lives for the past 17 years through its annual conference. This book can do the same for you.

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“Women of Wisdom is in the forefront of the biggest change in human history – the only change that will assure our continuity as a species. Those who organize and participate in the Women of Wisdom experience know that for a new world to be born we have to bring a new mind to bear. Critical to this is the rich mind style of women that has been gestating in the womb of preparatory time, lo, these many millennia.  In their ebullient and evocative conferences WOW demonstrates a tremendous change in who we are and how we do things.”— Jean Houston

Listen to the many voices of women sharing how to honor and respect your feminine gifts, claim your voice, and become the leader of your life.

Important messages for women today in the WOW book:

Riane Eisler:
“I believe that feminine consciousness is today more essential than ever, because it is women who must lead the changes in our world.”

Angeles Arrien: “Our call in the 21st century is to bring meaning, magic and enchantment back into the world, and we can only do that by coming forward with our gifts and our talents.”

Jean Houston: “The most significant change is women rising to full partnership with men in the whole domain of human affairs.”

Answers bloom like wildflowers in Women of Wisdom, a mixture of spiritual, academic, and artistic contributions from professionals and lay people who share their experience of being women and being divine. Since 1993 women have been attending the WOW gathering to uncover and celebrate the power of feminine spirit. In these selections, poetry mixes with history, visual art with the inner spirit, and the intellect with soulful longing, creating an inspiring kaleidoscope of feminine reverence. Often practical, always moving, the guidance on these pages speaks to the divine within us all.

Table of Contents

WOW series by Deborah Koff Chapin What They're Saying about Women of Wisdom:

“This anthology of wisdom from some of the greatest women thinkers and writers of our time is a rare treasure. It inspires, informs, and gives us hope for the future in which the best potential of all people, and of our precious earth, can be realized.” —Joan Borysenko, Ph.D., author of Inner Peace for busy Women and A Woman’s Book of Life.

Art by Woodman


“What a magnificent job you did with “Women of Wisdom” The book is beautifully done, the women in it are brilliant, the graphics are exquisite, and the intelligence of your whole organization and effort are stunning.
—Barbara Marx Hubbard, author of The Hunger of Eve and Conscious Evolution and Emergence.

Art by Montserrat

“First read this book carefully, perhaps aloud to a friend. Then dance with it. Then draw in it. Then bundle it in a leather pouch and take it someplace sacred—like under a large tree, alongside clear water, into the temple of a coffee shop, into a circle of women. Then read this book again. There is wisdom here that women and companioning men need in order to make the world anew. Bravo to Kris Steinnes for holding the vision, calling the gatherings, and harvesting these voices and images.”
—Christina Baldwin, author of Life’s Companion, Calling the Circle, The Seven Whispers, and Storycatcher.Art by Diana Denslow

“I have just finished reading from cover to cover Women of Wisdom. I do congratulate you on a powerful book. I am very proud to be among this company Your own piece is an excellent introduction to all that follows. I hope many people will feel in their bones what this book is about. As I read, I remembered detail by detail my journey to Seattle, my time with Jean Shinoda Bolen over dinner, the drive to the church - happy memories!”

—Marion Woodman

Art by Sue Coccia
“If you would like to be in the company of women who are encouraging other women to step forward, be leaders, and transform the world from one of fear to one of love, this is the book for you. Women and men can benefit from the wisdom, hope, and challenge that fills each page. It is easy to feel like wrapping yourself up in the pages of this book so you can absorb every ounce of goodness it offers. Kris does an outstanding job of making the spoken words, artwork and ceremonies come to life on the written page.”

—Krysta Gibson, editor, New Spirit Journal

“It's a lovely book, packed with wisdom and insight, hope and power. It's one I plan to read and re-read often and I hope you will too.” —Paula Russell

“Women of Wisdom (the book) is a distillate of the spirit from Women of Wisdom (the conferences that go back to 1993), both inspired by Kris Steinnes a woman of wisdom. This anthology is an expression of the sacred feminine as voiced through individual women who have keynoted the conferences. It is a rich and inspiring women’s spirituality anthology. Women who have felt a deep yearning for the return of the divine feminine, or had a significant dream of a numinous woman or goddess, or value the feminine principle will find insights and encouragement to bring what they know into the world.”
—Jean Shinoda Bolen, M.D. author of Goddesses in Everywoman and Urgent Message From Mother ( http://www.jeanbolen.com)

Reflection by Kris SteinnesAbout Kris Steinnes: Kris Steinnes is the visionary founder of Women of Wisdom Foundation and in 1993 she organized the first WOW Conference in Seattle. Year after year she has brought together women leaders from many fields to to share their experiences and help build a world in which women’s voices are heard and feminine wisdom can be live to its fullest. A native of Seattle, Kris is a minister, spiritual leader and meditation teacher with a commitment to bringing feminine consciousness to the fore of our collective experience. It gives her great pleasure to share with you the knowledge and gifts of presenters and participants from sixteen years of WoW gatherings.

Art by Maynard-DobbsQuotes from the book:

Angeles Arrien: “Our call in the 21st century is to bring meaning, magic and enchantment back into the world, and we can only do that by coming forward with our gifts and our talents.”

Art by BrightIsabel Allende: “It will be a great time for the feminine forces to emerge in full blossom. We can work magic; we can change the culture.”

Judith Orloff: “Part of the healing is coming back again to your body and dealing with the trauma.”

Frances Moore Lappé: “When people know that they’re responsible and can see the ripple effect of their choices they will not want to hurt one another.”
Art by Kester
Riane Eisler: “I believe that feminine consciousness is today more essential than ever, because it is women who must lead the changes in our world.

Brooke Medicine-Eagle & Nicki Scully: “Waking up to the realization of how much impact every breath, every word, and every action has, is vital to establishing a world community that can support and sustain life.”

Art by Gardner Barbara Marx Hubbard: “The deeper you go into life purpose, the more the juices are turned on at the cellular as well as the psychic and spiritual level.

Marion Woodman: “This new masculinity will honor the feminine, understand the value of the feminine, protect the feminine, and have the courage to confront the patriarchy.”

Jean Houston: “The most significant change is women rising to full partnership with men in the whole domain of human affairs.”

Art by Ryule Jean Shinoda Bolen: “If we do this, one woman, one circle at a time . . . the world can change .”

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ISBN: 978-0-9800622-0-5
Author: Kris Steinnes
360 pages with illustrations
6” x 9” paperback
Price: $21.95
Publication date: May 2008
Publisher: Wise Woman Publishing
Categories: Body, Mind & Spirit : Inspiration & Personal Growth
Book FlyerBody, Mind & Spirit : Spirituality - Feminine

Women’s intuition – it’s not something that women just have, they have to learn it. “Women of Wisdom: Empowering the Dreams and Spirit of women” is a complete anthology of various great female thinkers seeking the answer the great questions of the world, with the overall reaching question of what can women offer the world, and what gifts reside deep within the spirit of women? “Women of wisdom: Empowering the Dreams and Spirit of Women” is enthusiastically recommended to women’s studies shelves and for any women who needs some empowerment.

—James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief, Midwest Book Review June 2008

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